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Talarico Story: Maurizio Talarico 

Born and raised with a cult for ties. 
In 1999, unable to find old-school tie manufacturers with the appropriate care and requisites, he decides to start manufacturing ties himself, and founds Talarico Cravatte in Rome.
Within a few years he has managed to raise a boutique firm with one radicated aim: manufacturing high-quality ties. Within these very years, he tunerd his small showroom into an international landmark for men’s fashion and elegance.
His ties have found their way up to the collar of the most powerful protagonists of politics, from Italian Presidents Cossiga, Renzi, Mattarella, Gentiloni, Prodi, Casini, Berlusconi, to American Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump, to CEOs, presidents and to finance gurus, from primary journalists straight to ambdassadors and royal nobility. He supplies primary corporations and institutions which chose Talarico Cravatte as a Made in Italy homage to their Italian and international guests, among whose are Segreteria Generale del Quirinale, Presidenza del Senato, Presidenza della Camera dei Deputati, Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri.

In 2014, his ties have been chosen by Italian Republic President Giorgio Napolitano, along with President of the Ministries Committee Matteo Renzi, as cadeaux for the 56 Head of States and 600 Ministries visiting Italy for the European Semester. In 2015 the Cerimoniale of the Italian Republic chose Talarico ties as present for President Mattarella institutional meetings. In 2017 President Gentiloni chose Talarico ties and foulards as homage for the 60th anniversay of the Rome Treaties.

During the same year, Talarico Cravatte has been chosen as official tie and foulard supplier for the Head of States of the G7 in Taormina.