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The Talarico tie is a must of the Italian style. Born from a maniacal search for fine fabrics and a mixture of soft colors that adorn the typical micro design that is one of the distinctive elements of the Maison. Made exclusively in three copies per variant, these creations make unique pieces. The perception of the manual process is visual through the "X" shaped stitching on the back of the tie that enhances the art of hand making. The visual and emotional impact, which it is able to evoke, is immeasurable. The strong personality of which it impresses, with its uniqueness, escapes a world that is too equal and becomes an indispensable means for obtaining a measured, accurate and unique style.

Indispensable in the men's wardrobe, the Talarico tie changes fabric to resonate with the season. Wool, knit, grenadine. Elegance is intertwined and imprinted in a multitude of materials that warm the heart and neck.