talarico cravatte collezione primavera estate 2020

our Fabrics


The twill used by Maurizio Talarico & egrave; produced in France and England. The first & egrave; particularly light, with mainly chain or floral designs and soft colors. The second, pi & ugrave; heavy, & egrave; printed with the characteristic geometric shapes.

Jacquard silk

Jacquard silk or heavy silk is produced in Italy and England. & Egrave; a fabric characterized by a texture with a minimum of 120 insertions per square cm.


Fabric characterized by the sinuous arrangement assumed by the warp threads. The regular weaves create a hexagonal empty space, normally of density low, which guarantees lightness and stability to the fabric.


Maurizio Talarico's wool ties are entirely made with wool produced in Italy by E. Zegna and Loro Piana, thus ensuring that preciousness of an expressly unique yarn.


There memorize options that manages to better characterize the precious creations, which Maurizio Talarico makes with this kind of fabrics, & egrave; the fineness of the warp and the skilful amalgam of colors, designed to satisfy even the most demanding requests; demanding.


Even with this fine yarn, Maurizio Talarico manages to guarantee the high quality which characterizes all its products. Linen is the best choice for those who want to ensure a fresh and resistant fabric.