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The Talarico scarves represent silk in its lightness, the equestrian, floral or geometric motifs adorn the silhouettes with panache.

This accessory it can be worn around the neck, as a belt, headband or turban.

Composition  100% seta

Dimensioni  90 x 90 cm

Detail  Handcrafted

Made in Italy

Every Talarico scarf has a story.
There are not so many that Noah's Ark could accommodate them all! Can't you hear the owl, the horse or the duck marching to the beat of the fanfare? Yes, a Lion is leading the procession. But we're not in the jungle here, it's a joyful and colorful circus parade. A true bestiary orchestrated by the designer Annette Lefebvre as a tamer. Everyone has the right to their square in this procession that resembles a puzzle. Free to change the order, but be careful not to damage the honor of the Lion.
BAILAMME Sale price€270,00