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The Talarico 3-folds ties are made in only 3 pieces per variation. The fabric is 36 oz silk twill produced in Italy.

Entirely handmade with stitching on the back in the shape of an 'X', the distinctive symbol of the Maison.

The preciousness of the weight of the fabric makes it both soft to the touch and with excellent drape when worn.

Average production time 45 min.

Outer fabric 100% Silk Twill.

Internal Fabric Wool.

Made in Italy.

Designed by Maurizio Talarico.

Dimensions: 150 x 8,3 cm.

Talarico wardrobe and its secrets

"The elegance of a man is measured by his ability to possess a unique and recognizable style" Maurizio Talarico

Talarico 'Unica' was born out of the need to create a unique, non-replicable piece.

Each TALARICO "Unica" has design, colors and patterns created individually. Therefore, it will not be possible to purchase an identical tie from our brand, nor any other retailer or other brand. Only one variant, in LIMITED EDITION.

The Talarico "Unique" was created to satisfy the need for singularity and distinction that is required by the modern gentleman.

The Talarico "Unica" is enclosed within a wooden box of Bolivar, the fabric placed inside the box, called "scrap", is a guarantee of uniqueness of the product and the remaining part of the fabric with which "Unica" was created.

It also contains A CERTIFICATE of uniqueness that guarantees the originality and exclusivity of each piece.

All orders are delivered in a gift box, which also includes a brochure.

At the time of payment you can include, if you wish, a card accompanied by a personal message.

For more details, please contact Customer Service

0668131717 - Mail: shop@talaricocravatte.com

36 hours for Italy and 72 hours for the islands

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