Foulard Magnani

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TAL – F- 302

Colour: Variant 1

Foulard in 100% silk twill, hand-hemmed


A timeless accessory in a woman's wardrobe, the Adelaide scarf is a must-have for your wardrobe. It can be worn around the neck, as a belt, headband or turban.

Made in Italy.

Designed by Maurizio TALARICO.

Dimensions: 90 x 90 cm

Talarico wardrobe and its secrets

Maurizio Talarico loves to plunge into details, colors and shapes of every artist whether it is a fleeting brushstroke as an impressionist or changing a new form as cubism or modern art.
This carré is inspired by one of the greatest exponents of the last two artistic currents: Salvator Dali, who with "The Persistence of Memory" gives life to a new footprint for an object like the watch.

In this carré also Maurizio Talarico, inspired by Dalì, tries to give a new shape to watches.

All orders are delivered in a gift box, which also includes a brochure.

At the time of payment you can include, if you wish, a card accompanied by a personal message.

For more details, please contact Customer Service

0668131717 - Mail:

For each scarf you deliver to us or ship to us at our own expense, we will give you a € 50 discount on a new one.
(Offer valid for any brand).

- Bring your old scarf to our Show Room in Rome, Via dei Coronari, 52

- To buy ONLINE, enter the CODE section: "FOULARD50", call 0668131717 or send an email to and we will collect your old scarf at your home for FREE together with the Delivery of the new one.

Tips to keep the beauty of your fabric accessory intact.
Put it flat and not knotted.
Avoid any contact with rain or chemicals.
For washing, please contact us directly.

A guide to wear our Foulards

36 hours for Italy and 72 hours for the islands

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