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The Talarico Foulards represent silk in its lightness, the equestrian, floral or geometric motifs adorn the silhouettes with panache.

This accessory it can be worn around the neck, as a belt, headband or turban.

Composition 100% Silk

Dimensions 90 x 90 cm

Hand hemmed detail

Drawn down by Maurizio Talarico

Made in Italy


[end description]
[artistic description]Each Talarico scarf has a story.
Martin is a portraitist of animals, flowers and plants that Maurizio Talarico meets on a trip to France. Attracted by the particularity with which he paints and the creative vision, he asks him to create a drawing depicting a leopard to be transferred onto silk.
Martin creates this masterpiece of carré depicting in the center a majestic leopard with a spotted coat and piercing eyes. His paws are depicted gracefully while his tail curls around him.

The scarf captures the beauty and majesty of this fascinating animal. The boxes around represent, in Martin's vision, the skins of other animals depicting a savannah.
Et Voila!

[/artistic description]

LEOPARD AND SAVANA Sale price$299.30