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Our Story

Maurizio Talarico, passionate about ties from an early age, in 1999 no longer finding those who
produced them following the requirements of the past, he founded a small business in Rome
and amazed the market with the idea of ​​coloring ties with a balance and a mix of colors: from
light - dark backgrounds, upsetting the market that was used to cold and dark colors.
His 'obsession' to create unique objects leads him to the continuous creation of always new
and current designs, specializing mainly in creating micro fantasies.
Absolutely contrary to the law of large numbers, his philosophy leads him to produce only three
ties for each variant and to make perceived the craftsmanship of the product, he creates and
patents an "X"shaped seam that can only be made by hands, a sign of recognition of a Talarico
The company conceives it as a passion, a laboratory of ideas for lovers of ties.
This aspect is crucial to understand his personality and the success of his business, as a sphere of
action to develop and increase the dream of a capitalism that values ​​man.
The knowledge of the great men of the past feeds his dreams and his ideals, but his gaze is
constantly turned to the distant future, and every action, every work is designed to last over the
centuries and be handed down from father to son.
Today, together with Maurizio, his son Tiziano, who grew up alongside his father, has joined. He
passed on his creed to his son: not to live in a world where it all comes down only to profit.
Money has real value only when it is spent to improve human existence and growth.

The Founder Maurizio Talarico



Talarico ties have been chosen by Presidents of the Italian Republic, such as Cossiga, Ciampi,
Napolitano and Mattarella, as well as by Presidents of the Council of Ministers such as Prodi,
Berlusconi, Monti, Renzi, Gentiloni and Conte.
The quality of Talarico's Made in Italy was also chosen by the most important Italian and
international bodies, such as: the General Secretariat of the Quirinale, the Presidency of the
Senate, the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies and the Presidency of the Council of
Being a reference point in Italian and International fashion, Talarico ties have also been used by
leading figures in world politics.
Among them: George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Pedro Sanchez, Shinzò Abe,
Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.



In 2014, his ties were chosen as cadeaux by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano
together with the President of the Council of Ministers Matteo Renzi for the 56 Heads of State
and 600 Foreign Ministers visiting Italy for the European Semester.

In 2015, the Ceremonial of the Republic chose the ties as an institutional present for the
meetings of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.
In 2017, the President of the Council of Ministers Paolo Gentiloni chose Talarico ties and scarves
as a tribute to the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome. In the same year, Talarico Cravatte
was selected as the Official Supplier of ties and foulards for the Heads of State of the G7 of
In 2018 the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte used the Talarico ties as cadeaux at the Conference
on Libya in Palermo.
In 2019 it became Official Participant for EXPO DI DUBAI 2020 for institutional cadeaux.
In 2020 it was Official Supplier for the Institutional Cadeaux of the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020
In 2021, during the Corbis Bay G7, President Mario Draghi chose Talarico ties and foulards as
cadeaux for the Heads of State. Once again, during the G20 summit in Rome, the President paid
homage to the Heads of State present at the summit with Talarico ties and foulards.