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Article: After Tokyo and London, Talarico's ties land in Madrid (Sole 24 ore)

Dopo Tokio e Londra le cravatte di Talarico sbarcano a Madrid (Sole 24 ore) - Talarico Cravatte

After Tokyo and London, Talarico's ties land in Madrid (Sole 24 ore)

The tie remains timeless. And Maurizio Talarico, born in 1968, tells the story of a company that is now twenty years old but in continuous growth. In spite of the Covid-19 crisis - some industries in the sector have suffered up to -70% turnover - its revenue is increasing.

<>explains the entrepreneur. The forecasts for this year are even more positive. By June Talarico lands in Madrid: its third store abroad after Tokyo in 2009 and London in 2014. Always handcrafted ties on the counter or in the shop window. No more than three for each model. All handmade. With the patented and unmistakable "X" stitching.

Talarico's history and perspective is based on a double track. Since he was 12 and lived in Catanzaro, he had an absolute passion for the tie. Fabrics, designs, colors, patterns: examined, compared and selected every day by Maurizio. Among the colors to choose, << I prefer light blue to blue. Never orange or yellow>>. Even if there are foreign countries where they are required. The search for new designs is almost obsessive.<>  considering geometric and chromatic variations.

Unique so far in Europe, he has launched the eco-responsible tie. On the site ( it is the first visible banner. A sort of scrapping: a second-hand tie is delivered to the store, giving you a 40% discount if you buy a new one. So those who do not know, discover the existence of a consortium for the recycling of second-hand ties and the sale of those with recycled silk. The fabric is different but the designs are in the same style as the traditional ones. «The demand for an eco-sustainable tie is continuous, ever higher. A concrete and visible sign, moreover, of commitment to the environment ".

But in order to break through, a product needs commercial action, strategic communication, financial sustainability. It is the company's non-stop second track. The story begins in 1999 in a shop «Capannelle area in Rome with an almost door-to-door sale». An impossible challenge against the big names in the sector. But the tenacity, or rather Calabrian obstinacy, does not stop.

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