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Talarico's solid-colored seaside costumes are the symbol of timeless elegance. Featuring minimalist design and vibrant colors, these costumes are perfect for those who want to feel confident and fashionable At the beach with friends or relax at the pool.
Made from high-quality materials and lightweight fabrics, Talarico's seaside costumes offer a comfortable and luxurious bathing experience.
The wide range of colors available, allows you to choose the perfect costume for any occasion.

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Costume SemperCostume Semper
Semper Costume Sale price$177.63
Colore: Piscina / BluColore: Piscina / Blu
Color: Pool/Blue Sale price$177.63
Costume MykonosCostume Mykonos
Mykonos Costume Sale price$160.97
Colore : Blu / ArancioColore : Blu / Arancio
Color: Blue/Orange Sale price$177.63
Costume T IconicaCostume T Iconica
Iconic T Costume Sale price$177.63
Colore: Ottanio /ArancioColore: Ottanio /Arancio
Color: Brass/Orange Sale price$177.63
Costume MarrakechCostume Marrakech
Marrakech Costume Sale price$177.63
Colore: Verde / OttanioColore: Verde / Ottanio
Color: Green/Brass Sale price$177.63
Costume Onde GeometricheCostume Onde Geometriche
Geometric Waves Costume Sale price$177.63
Colore: Rosso / PiscinaColore: Rosso / Piscina
Color: Red/Pool Sale price$177.63
Costume MareaCostume Marea
Tide Costume Sale price$177.63
Colore: Avio / VerdeColore: Avio / Verde
Color: Avio/Green Sale price$177.63
Colore: Ottanio / VerdeColore: Ottanio / Verde
Color: Brass/Green Sale price$177.63
Costume ChopsCostume Chops
Chops Costume Sale price$177.63
Colore: Azzurro / VerdeColore: Azzurro / Verde
Color: Light Blue/Green Sale price$177.63
Costume AcquarioCostume Acquario
Aquarius Costume Sale price$177.63
Colore: Blu /PiscinaColore: Blu /Piscina
Color: Blue/Pool Sale price$177.63
Colore: Azzurro / ArancioColore: Azzurro / Arancio
Color: Light Blue/Orange Sale price$177.63
Colore: Verde / AvioColore: Verde / Avio
Color: Green/Avio Sale price$177.63