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The Talarico Foulards represent silk in its lightness, the equestrian, floral or geometric motifs adorn the silhouettes with panache.

This accessory it can be worn around the neck, as a belt, headband or turban.

Composizione 100% Seta

Dimensioni 90 x 90 cm

Detail Hand hemmed

Made in Italy

Every Talarico scarf has a story.
Attilio, in this scarf, represents and embodies the great passion for the intricate details and dynamics of the pinball game. In the drawing, he manages to capture the energy and emotion that comes out when playing this classic arcade game.
Movement and bright colors emerge in this carré, with fluid lines representing the balls bouncing on the pinball machine. It uses a combination of traditional and digital techniques to create a unique and engaging visual effect.
The design is not only limited to the pinball machines, but also extends to the characters and thematic elements that may be present in the game. You can find fantastic creatures populating its pinball world, and every detail is carefully crafted to convey the atmosphere and emotion of the game.
Attilio, in this scarf, is inspired by pinball, managing to capture the nostalgia of old pinball machines and, at the same time, to give life to new creations that excite both fans of the game, art lovers and collectors of this accessory. His drawings are a tribute to the art of pinball and convey a sense of fun and adventure to those who observe them.

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