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The Talarico scarves represent silk in its lightness, the equestrian, floral or geometric motifs adorn the silhouettes with panache.

This accessory 

it can be worn around the neck, as a belt, headband or turban.

Composition  100% seta

Dimensions  90 x 90 cm

Detail  Handcrafted

Made in Italy

Every Talarico scarf has a story
Today it seems impossible to find the right melody, the piano keys play a monotonous tempo, then Re, Mi, Fa, Si, Sol... there is something moderate in the air and the heart begins to vibrate. The guitar plays a C, G, G, A... the trumpet follows it in a contagious joy that immediately takes the tempo well beyond allegro. The microphone turns on singing "Summertime" by George Gershwin and immediately all the notes resonate in the air.
NEW ORLEANS Sale price€270,00