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The Talarico Foulards represent silk in its lightness, the equestrian, floral or geometric motifs adorn the silhouettes with panache.

This accessory it can be worn around the neck, as a belt, headband or turban.

Composizione 100% Seta

Dimensioni 90 x 90 cm

Detail Hand hemmed

Made in Italy

Every Talarico scarf has a story.
Alessia, an Italian artist from Piedmont, wants to represent fate in this magical scarf decorated with a wonderful design in the shape of a wheel of fortune. Each segment of the wheel depicts beautiful butterflies, each with brilliantly colored wings and enchanting shades. This scarf was designed and created to bring good luck to the wearer. One day, Alessia makes this drawing and, without knowing it, takes it with her in her notebook. When she realized this she saw the butterflies come to life from her drawing and dance around her. Each of them brings messages and hopes for her future. From that moment, Alessia understood the true meaning of luck and she learned to follow her heart thanks to the magic of that special design.
Today that design is represented on this scarf.
WHEEL OF FORTUNE Sale price€270,00